Neivert Needle Holder

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Neivert Needle Holder One Offset Ring

Size: 5″

Dental Instruments

SMS Instrument Neivert 5” needle holder ensures a strong, anti-slip grip via its serrated jaws. The angled ring handle eases comfort for the surgeon.

Surname Neivert
Tip Configuration Blunt
Size / Model / Figure 5 Inches
curvature Straight
Handle Finger Rings / 1 Offset Ring
Finishing Mirror Polish Finishing
Instrument Type Dental Needle Holder
Material Stainless Steel
Disposable or Reusable Reusable
Rusting Prevention Passivation Processed
Cleaning Ultrasonic Cleaned
Sterile or Non-Sterile Non-Sterile
Latex or Latex-Free Latex-Free
Test Performed Boil, Shape & Performance Test
Grade Premium OR-Grade
Packing Individually Packed in SMS Brand printed Poly-sleeve

Needle Holder

A Dental Needle Holder, also called needle driver, is a surgical instrument, similar to a hemostat, used by doctors and surgeons to hold a suturing needle for closing wounds during suturing and surgical procedures. The parts of a simple needle holder are the jaws, the joint and the handles. Most needle holders also have a clamp mechanism that locks the needle in place, allowing the user to maneuver the needle through various tissues. To maintain a firm grip on the needle, the jaws are often textured and short compared to the shank. Needle holder are used to grasp suture needle when suturing tissues. The jaws of the needle holder undergo metal –to-metal contact causing rapid wear of the grasping surfaces. Needle holder should be tested for function regularly by placing and appropriate sized needle in jaws and nothing if needle rotation is possible (indicating that repair is necessary).


Shaft of Body Shank

It lies between joint and finger bows

Finger Bow

It is used for holding the instruments

Catch / Ratchet

It lies between shaft and finger bow. When the catch/ratchet are pressed; the blades are kept in close position.


It is used to hold the needle.

  • The inner surface of tip has crisscross serration and a small groove for firm grasp of the curved needle
  • Blades are having cris-cross or transverse serrations and in the center of the blade there is groove
  • Smallsurgical forceps with locking handles; used to carry a suture needle


  • It is present between body and shaft
  • It is having modified box joint
  • The box joint is placed very close to tip to give adequate pressure because of the lever effect.
  • Shaft passes in the slot of other shaft.

How to Hold the Needle Holder

  • Curved needle is hold by needle holder, at the junction between anterior 2/3 and posterior 1/3 of the needle
  • This gives maximum mechanical advantage of curved needle
  • If needle is hold nearer to the tip, the mechanical advantage is less but the penetrating power is more
  • If we hold needle to nearer to eye, chances of breakage of needle nearer to eye is more.


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neivert needle holder

Neivert Needle Holder

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