UV Sterilizer Violet Alimentation

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ULTRAVIOLET is a germicidal system which uses an ultraviolet germicidal lamp. This Violet maintains sterility of instruments and small items / disposables after sterilization in an autoclave or other sterilization / boiling unit. It consists of stainless steel body, very convenient operation and maintenance and reliable, safe and inexpensive UV system.

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UV Sterilizer Violet Alimentation

Size Dimension: 50 cm (L) x 27 cm (W) x 20 cm (H)

Alimentation 230V  50Hz
Absorbed Power 18 W
Fuse 2 x 1A

Principle of operation:
Cold Sterilization through irradiation with short wave ultraviolet rays

The vapor of mercury at to low pressure contained in the lamp, submitted to electric discharge, give out a short wave radiations that will be distribute for the 90% around the frequency of 253,7 nm, and in tall frequencies the lamp give out a visible light of bluish color. It is just around the 253,7 run that is developed the maximum germicidal power

A low radiation is give on the frequency of 185 run and it provokes a small issue of ozone with deodorant effect

Germicidal action:
The ultraviolet radiations are lethal for the microorganisms.The quantity of radiation necessary to destroy a microorganism depends from the type of the microrganism and from the environmental conditions
The lethal dose of radiation UV for a determined microorganism depends therefore from the intensity of the source, from the exposure time and from other factors like temperature, damp and the reflection formalities of the rays
Our apparatus has been planned and built in way to maximize the effect of the radiations and to assure an optimal result in varied uses
It is ideal for a suitable maintenance of the tools after the sterilization

Additional information

Additional Info

 Position the appliance on a flat, stable and clean surface. CAUTION: The ON/OFF switch on the later side
of the appliance must be always easily reachable in case of emergency condition
 Connect the electric cable to the net.
 Open the frontal cover using the special handle grip
 Insert on the intern grate the tools that it intends each other to maintain sterile.
 Close the frontal cover
 Switch ON the interrupter

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UV Sterilizer Violet Alimentation

UV Sterilizer Violet Alimentation

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