Basic Cut Down Set

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Nazmed SMS Malaysia offers the Basic Cut Down Set  made of premium quality stainless steel.

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Basic Cut Down Set

1 SMS-02-3570 Backhaus Towel Clamps Size: 110 mm 1
2 SMS-02-3528 Foerster Ballenger Sponge Forceps Straight Serrated 240 mm 1
3 SMS-02-3636 Halsted Mosquito Artery Forceps Straight 125mm 1
4 SMS-02-3637 Halsted Mosquito Artery Forceps Curved 125mm 1
5 SMS-01-2192 Scalpel Blade Handle, S/S, Size 3 1
6 SMS-02-3048 Iris Delicate Scissors Sharp Straight 110 mm 1
7 SMS-02-3136 Mayo Surgical Scissors Str S/S 155 mm 1
8 SMS-07-9171 Metzenbaum Fino Scissors TC Straight Bl/Bl 140 mm 1
9 SMS-02-3328 Adson Dissecting Forceps Serrated 12cm 1
10 SMS-07-9257 Mayo Hegar Needle Holders TC 160 mm 1
11 SMS-03-5349 Weitlaner Self Retaining Retractors Blunt Size: 130 mm 1
12 SMS-02-3963 Butterfly Probe / Grooved Director 145 mm 1
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