Hollow Ware Set Ward

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Nazmed Surgical. has a Ward Hollow Ware Set of twelve (12) articles.

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Hollow Ware Set Ward

Description of item

1 SMS-H0106 Bed pan, s/s male 5
2 SMS-0107 Male Urinal Vertical Type  Size: 110×230 mm 5
3 SMS-H0331  Bowl, lotion, 5″ / 145 x 55 mm. 8
4 SMS-H0332 Bowl, lotion, 6″ / 174 x 65 mm. 5
5 SMS-H0333 Bowl, lotion,  8″ / 224 x 88 mm. 4
6 SMS-H0334 Bowl, lotion, 10″ / 275 x 110 mm. 3
6 SMS-H0335 Bowl, lotion, 12″ / 328 x 130 mm. 3
7 SMS-H0213 Forceps Cheatle Jar  Size: 55×190 mm 2
8 SMS-H0162 Catheter And Instrument Tray With Cover 12″x8″x2″ 4
9 SMS-H0156 Instrument And Injection Tray With Cover  9″x5″x2″ 6
8 SMS-H0203 Graduated Measure Jug 1000 ml 2
9 SMS-H0264 Kidney Tray S/S Length 30cm 5
9 SMS-H0267 Kidney Dish, 10 ” 5

Hollow Ware Set Ward

Every section of a health care institution – especially in a ward – needs not only the accessibility of most basic instruments but also the availability of the Ward Hollow Ware Set. Nazmed Surgical has looked into the consideration marketing the different hollow wares commonly used in the ward. As we all know, the ward is the area in the hospital where patients stay during preparations before undergoing medical or surgical procedures or where clients rest before their discharge from the hospital. With this in mind, we have to consider the miscellaneous items necessary for patient use in the ward during their hospitalization.

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