Kkm Incision And Drainage Set

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Kkm Incision And Drainage Set

S.No Catalog No. Description Qty
1 SMS-T-2718 Compartment Tray   Size:270 x 180 x 41mm 1
2 SMS-H0267 Kidney Dish   Size:10″ 1
3 SMS-H0362 Gallipot  Size:4 oz 1
4 SMS-02-3522 Sponge Holding Forceps Serrated Straight   Size:180mm 1
5 SMS-01-2192 Scalpel Blade Handle      Size: No 3 1
6 SMS-02-3446 Standard Tissue forceps 1×2 Teeth         Size:16 cm 1
7 SMS-02-3369 Standard Dissecting forceps Serrated   Size:16 cm 1
8 SMS-02-3136 Mayo Dissecting Straight Scissor     Size:155 mm 1
9 SMS-02-3139 Mayo Dissecting Curved Scissor      Size:155 mm 1
10 SMS-02-3097 Surgical Scissor Sh/Sh Straight     Size: 130mm 1
11 SMS-02-3497 Lister Sinus Fcps Box Joint    Size:130mm 1
12 SMS-06-8179 Volkmann Bone Currett Double Ended   Size:170mm 1
13 SMS-02-3974 Silver Probes with Eye Malleable   Size:145mm 1
14 SMS-02-3650 Crile Artery Forceps Straight           Size: 14 cm 1
15 SMS-02-3874 Mayo Hegar Needle Holder                Size: 15 cm 1
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Kkm Incision And Drainage Set

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