Suture Set

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Suture Set

1 SMS-02-3650 Artery Forceps – Crile Straight 14cm, 5 1/2″ 2
2 SMS-02-3651 Artery Forceps – Crile Curved 14cm, 5 1/2″ 2
3 SMS-02-3444 Dissecting Forceps 1×2 Teeth size: 130 mm 1
4 SMS-02-3367 Dissecting Forceps Serrated Jaw size: 130 mm 1
5 SMS-02-3528 Foerster-Ballenger Sponge Holding Fcps Str Serr Jaws S/S 240mm 1
6 SMS-02-3874 Hegar-Mayo Needle Holder S/S 150mm, 6″ 1
7  SMS-02-3136 Dissecting Scissors  – Mayo Straight 15.5cm, 6″ 1
8 SMS-02-3234 Scissors, ligature, Spencer, 115mm 1
9 SMS-H0162 Catheter And Instrument Tray With Cover 12″x8″x2″ 1

Suture Set

To hold body tissues – caused by trauma, injury or surgical operation – together, most doctors would consider the use of surgical sutures. It is basically a needle and thread used to sew the edges of the wound or operative incision. There may be a wide selection of sutures for different types of conditions, but the purpose is singular – to strengthen and support wounds so that healing is facilitated. On another perspective, the risks of bleeding and infection are greatly reduced. The kind of suture is an important factor in successfully closing the wound, which is decided upon by the doctor. The skill of the doctor performing the procedure is another, and the tools utilized are, too. Nazmed Surgical has a Suture Set, which is indispensable for any type of suturing procedures.

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