Graefe Tyrell Iris Hooks

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Tyrell Graefe Iris Hook
Size: 12 cm
SMS-OPT-9182 = Fig. 1  Sharp
SMS-OPT-9183 = Fig. 2 Blunt

Tyrell Iris Hook is used for retraction, dissection, handling, and removal of delicate tissues. It is most often used in ophthalmology procedures but may also used in dermatology. One of the most popular skin hooks, the Tyrell or some time called Graefe Iris Hook is available with a blunt or sharp tip and has a smooth, flat handle. This product is straight with a blunt hook tip and an overall length of 5 inches.
Ophthalmology Instruments For Eye Surgery

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SMS Graefe Tyrell Iris Hooks

Graefe Tyrell Iris Hooks

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