Moynihan Intestinal Clamps

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Intestinal Clamps with Soft Elastic Blades

Size: 280 mm


Moynihan Intestinal Clamps

It also known as Moynihan Stomach Clamp is used to occlude the lumen of the intestine and the blood vessels as they are specially designed to handle delicate structures.  The instrument has slightly concave jaws; therefore both the ends meet only at the extreme when locked. Hence the lumen of intestine or vessels lies in the center of concavity ensuring sustained pressure which is just enough to occlude the lumen but not to damage it.

Surname Moynihan
Length 280 mm
Tip Configuration Fenestrated
Instrument Type Intestinal Clamps
Curvature Straight
Material Stainless Steel
Disposable or Reusable Reusable
Sterile or Non-Sterile Non-Sterile
Latex or Latex-Free Latex-Free
Grade Premium OR-Grade
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Moynihan Intestinal Clamps

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