SMS has been committed to providing premium quality surgery tools for a wide variety of hospital disciplines and applications. We are always leading in adopting advanced technology for manufacturing reliable, efficient and cost-effective products.

All of our instruments are made of the finest stainless steel of special composition by skilled craftsman and are subject to regular and strict quality controls during the whole working cycle and related shipment.

SMS Instruments believe in using the right steels for the correct surgical applications and our instruments have been accredited with certifications such as ISO 13485 certified rank, along with GMP as per standard guidelines.

SMS manufacturing under GMP, utilizing latest technology like CNC machining, hardening control and coating equipment. We only use certified material from reputable raw material suppliers with full traceability of all lots.

Compliance with the international quality management systems also ensures that our instruments should wash and reprocess, In-house, we passivate all instruments to ensure that all impurities in the steel are detected prior to the instruments being despatched and the steels are appropriately oxidised.

Our QA (Quality Assurance) Department checks the quality of instruments during the various stages of manufacturing and finally before it is packing, to ensure that every tool we produce must be of high quality.

As important as instrument quality, is your service, which we also approach in the same manner.

Quality is always the result of intelligent efforts. Our team is available round the clock which helps us to reduce, eliminate and prevent any kind of discrepancy which could spoil the nature of products. In addition to this, we provide complete training guide to the customers. We assure that all our manufactured products are made in accordance with the current needs of the industry.

Fast, friendly and flexible
Along the manufacturing line, The SMS professional sales team are willing and able to go beyond the norm, urgent deliveries can be arranged as part of our superior service focus. Our customer service is tailored to your specific needs.

Training and support
At SMS you have direct contact to our experience team who can suggest you on the optimal selections enabling to provide the perfect solution to your needs, the right instrument, at the right price, with no compromise on the quality.

 Product design
We have designed high quality stainless steel with greater selection and ideal anatomical shape to address all surgery disciplines. As well as instruments that are reliable, precise and easy to use.

Full range supplier
The size and range of our inventory ensures you don’t need to spend valuable time sourcing for various additional products since we carry much of what you will need. This will enable you to focus on your patients rather than engage in product sourcing.

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